Following the death of her husband, Jenna Winters has been wandering aimlessly though life, too afraid to put down roots in case they ripped up again. When she sees the house on Nightingale road, though, she falls in love with it. The house is perfect for her and her young son, Ben.

It’s home.

But when her brother finds a creepy doll in the attic, and things start moving on their own, it soon becomes clear that the house is harbouring secrets and that not all of the skeletons are in the closet. Something wants her out of the house, permanently. The question is: who. And why?


Incomplete. On hiatus.


I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to read this but man the second I read the first chapter I was hooked I couldn’t stop reading I had to stop everything read the whole thing in one go it was sooo good! – Caiusreece, Figment

This is a great story. The characters have life, quirks, personalities and thought processes that make them real. I like the secondary plots that show real life and time still passing. Its beautifully constructed and I’ll def be sticking around til its finished. – Threeslipsofpaper, Figment

Wow, I love this. Especially since I’m really into the paranormal stuff, and reading about a story is so much more interesting. I love your usage of words, and how you arrange them. I’m loving the character progression throughout the story, and how much it makes sense. With Ben coping with his father’s death in a child-like manner (if you know what I mean). And how Jenna is trying to cope with the death of her husband also. When Ben mentioned the little girl in the window, I literally got goose bumps all over!! – Sarah, Figment

Where to read:

Figment – the first draft is available here.

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