They say that endings are just new beginnings and that could not be more true for Lavie Streaver. A noblewoman turned knight, she and her childhood friend, Harry, have fought long and hard to survive, raise an army and set the rightful heir, Prince Brendan, back on the throne. Enough blood, sweat and tears have been shed to drown the kingdom thrice over, but the war is finally over.

If the fates had been fair, their story would have ended there and they would have earned their happily ever after. But Lavie is struggling to settle down in a life without an enemy to fight. Harry finds his dreams of the future aren’t matching with the reality of it. And Brendan discovers that heroes don’t make good kings.

As the cracks begin to appear in the kingdom, and their friendship, Lavie finds herself turning to an unlikely source of help – the man they worked so hard to defeat.


In progress.


I love your descriptions, they have this mastered way of being written that makes me nod my head and say “Yes I get exactly what you’re showing me.” Your dialogue is superb as well. I feel as though they’re real conversations going on and not as though I’m in a novel. – Soufflegirl6, Figment

Amazing! The action packed from the very beginning was absolutely astonishing! “We tear into it like suckling pigs.” Nice use of figurative language. – Sam Lively, Figment

I enjoyed the action. You pull the reader in right away, taking no time to jump into the plot. It grips the readers easily. You have a very descriptive style, but not so much that its overwhelming. Just the right amount. While I usually have a hard time reading fantasy, I found myself moving onto the next chapter without hesitation. It’s definitely a piece I’ll come back to when I have more time. – Ashley Kowitz, Figment

Where to read:

Figment – the first chapter is up, still under the old title of Happily Ever After .

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