It’s not the dead who bother Toby Shaw. It’s the living who are determined to make his life hell. While Toby would love to lock himself away in the safety of his darkroom, he has to appease his sister’s bullying husband, avoid the wrath of his boss, and take care of his father whose metal state is deteriorating fast.

Things really go to hell when Cordelia Rosetta, a widow who claims to be haunted by her dead husband, shows him a photograph he knew for certain was destroyed in a fire a year ago. Despite his best efforts, Toby cannot shake Cordelia’s attention, nor the feeling that it was more than just an accident that caused the fire and injured his father.

Aided by the eccentric mortuary staff, he begins to unravel the mystery of the photograph and uncovers an occult conspiracy that threatens both his family and his sanity.  And he better be quick, because the bodies are starting to mount up – bodies with their eyes removed and their hearts ripped out.


Withdrawn. Pending rewrite


Every sentence had me on edge, every detail was amazing and so vivid. The characters are unique, especially Kitty, she’s quite the card. – Stephanie S, Figment

I literally had the goosebumps when I finished the first chapter. Gosh, that was creepy. I love your style of writing. It’s a joy to read and fits in with the historical setting perfectly. Rayne-Lovett, Figment

Very well written and a really interesting premise. The first few paragraphs had me in stitches! Will read more tonight and can’t wait to see where you’ve taken these characters. – Steve Inglis, Figment

Where to read:

Figment – the first five chapters are available here.

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