New project

I had an idea for an evil circus plot, (because clowns are terrifying and you’ll never be able to convince me otherwise.) I really want to make something from it, but I wasn’t getting into the beginning. I think it felt a bit too much like a prologue and I don’t tend to get on with them, certainly when writing. I need to have a think about the characters and come back to it.

I hate not having something on the go, so I decided to play around with an idea my partner had suggested: a kind of Guy Richie mockney adventure, but in a fantasy setting. So rather than  dealing with Boris the Russian, it would be Boris the dwarf I don’t think it will quite turn out like that, but this is the synopsis currently playing around in my head. The place-holder title is currently Lock Stock and Two Smoking Goblins.

Byran Windemere is a thief with a reputation for planning and strategy. Lylabelle is a were-kitten and a lesson in being careful what you wish for.The two are recruited for a heist which should pay out enough to keep Byran comfortable for a very long time. What could go wrong? Steal an artifact, help yourself to anything else in the mansion and return with the goods in tact. What no one remembered to tell Byran, was the merchandise was sentient. And he’s not terribly keen on being handed over to a criminal cartel.

Now Byran has to make the choice – hand over the man and save his own skin or face the wrath of the cartel. It doesn’t help that he’s starting to fall for the merchandise.

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