Pitchwars Mentee Bio

A little bit about me:

I live in the beautiful city of Bath, in the UK. Being British means I was able to queue about the time I learned to walk and was fluent in sarcasm by the time I went to school. Yes, I do drink tea, especially while writing, but it’s usual green tea. I have about two dozen types in the house at any one time. I’m dyslexic, which in writing means I tend to leave words out. I love autocorrect with all my heart.

I met my partner at university. He’s my first boyfriend and we’re still together thirteen years later. I believe in the power of love.

I changed my name by deed poll, mostly because everyone kept spelling my original name wrong.

By day, I work in IT. By the way, printers are powered by demons and will do everything in their power to mess with you. Never tell one you have a deadline. I’m one of two women in the office, and I’m the one making the “that’s what she said” jokes. (I think I was fluent in innuendo by the time I hit secondary school). I can speak a bit of Japanese, less French and say take the first road on the left in German.

A man once offered my mother two camels and half a bar for me in Cyprus. She said no. True story.

I like cheese more than chocolate, and being a west country girl my favourite drink is cider. I’m partial to rum as well; Kraken is my preference.

I collect plushie animals. My latest addition is a honeycomb moray eel. If anyone finds me a plushie pangolin I will love you for ever.This is my collection:


I’ve been writing since I was five. I’ve been writing well for the last four or five years. Apparently I’m good at torturing my characters.  I write fantasy and horror, usually featuring m/m romance. While I love a decent scary story in any medium, but I’m a terrible coward and suck at any kind of horror computer game. I write because I love my characters (even the ones I hurt) and I want others to love them too. Getting fan-art would make my life complete.

My pitchwars entry is an adult fantasy novel, following heroes after they have achieved their quest. It will appeal to any mentor who likes strong female characters (no damsels in this book), m/m romance, platonic love that’s as strong as romance, well crafted action, and the power of hope and innocence. Oh, and dick jokes. I’m told there are a few of them.

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  1. *waves hand* I am one of the only females in my IT department, too! (She says like that’s some kind of rarity…) I also believe there are ghosts in the machine. They flip switches while your back is turned.

    Love your concept. Nice subversion!


  2. I do not understand how anyone could prefer rum over whiskey or gin, but I respect it nonetheless. And as someone who worked for years in the zoo industry, I’m shocked that plush pangolins aren’t more common…

    Best of luck with your MS!


    1. Thank you!

      I do like gin, (there’s a fantastic gin bar in Bath), but I’m not a big whiskey drinker (my characters tend to be, though!)

      I’d love to see a Pangolin, but the closest one is in Germany. They’re such amazing creatures.


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