7X7X7X7 Challenge

I’ve been challenged to do this by a few people on Twitter. It’s a simple exercise – starting from the seventh line, post seven consecutive lines from page seven of your current work in progress. So, here is a section from what is currently titled Lock Stock and Two Smoking Goblins:

Great. I rolled over to find myself staring into a pair of amber eyes. On a small, buttermilk-coloured kitten.
“That’s how you’re going, Belle?”
The kitten made a soft chirruping sound.
“Fat lot of good you’re going to be if a fight breaks out.”
Somehow her expression managed to convey the fact that she had chosen that shape for exactly that reason.



  1. OOOH I did this challenge too. Except mine was called the 777 Challenge and it was via the writing blogosphere, and it appears we also have different definitions of lines, because I definitely posted something much longer than that. Rambling aside, Belle is kind of ridiculously cute! Seriously, smoking goblins sounds so rad, but Belle has won my heart already.


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