#PitchWars Stats Post

Yesterday at around 10pm I finished the last of my line edits. That’s two rounds of dev edits and one of lines edits down since I got into to #Pitchwars. So, to celebrate, here’s a selection of stats about my manuscript and the event itself.

Original word count: 81511

Final new word count: 87938

Number of revisions between versions: 2886

Words deleted: 15591

Words added: 21256

Commas removed: 446

Number of revision version documents: 12

Percentage of manuscript changed: 24%

Characters killed off: one

Characters brought back: one (though he’s a dick and Serena will almost certainly “accidentally” leave him on a desert island)

Days worked on: 61 (Pretty much every day since first Monday after the announcements, minus a week off at Christmas)

Hours spent: I didn’t track this, but it was generally about 2-3 hours a day, and about 4 days of 6-8 hours when I had time off.

Emails sent between me and Ian: 84

Gifs sent to me on Twitter by Ian: 21

Requests for pictures of his cats when stressed: 1 (I did not take advantage of this as I should)

Verbal slaps for doubting myself: 3

Time my slack group started screaming at me on announcement day: 5am

Easter eggs added for my slack group: 8

Music listened to must frequently: Two Steps From Hell

The stats are mostly just for fun, but it should also give you an idea of the work involved in #Pitchwars. And I know there are many mentees out there who have made far bigger changes than I have done. This experience has been amazing (and it’s not over yet) but it is also hard work and commitment. I’m eternally grateful for Ian Barnes not just for believing in THE AMETHYST CITY, but for all the work he’s done with me to turn this tale of dysfunctional, grieving sailors and make it something I can be really proud of.

I’m also incredibly grateful to my writing group, the Pit Squirrels for all their help, their support, and their belief. I wouldn’t have made it this far without them picking me up and putting me back on my feet every time my confidence crashed. Finding my fellow writers has been the best thing for my writing. And now I get to add a whole lot of wonderful #Pitchwars people to that list as well.

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