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Logan and Pie

Logan “the Barbarian” Theaker always assumed he’d die in battle or to a monster. But after an injury puts a stop to his adventuring career, he finds himself married and settled down with bard Pie, the sunshine to his thundercloud. After decades being the hero, Logan finds a home and a husband is all he wants from life.

Then Pie lies to him, drugs him, and vanishes into the night.

Some might take that as a hint, but Logan can’t believe Pie would willingly throw away their happiness. An axe and a bad temper aren’t going to be enough. He needs help, but unfortunately, what he’s got is a flirty necromancy countess, a himbo unicorn trainer named Gary, and the ghost of his ex-wife. Who blames him for her death.

Through rather too much raising of the dead, Logan learns that Pie’s involved in the hunt for an ancient necromantic object. Unleashing something that can raise an army of dead, unfeeling soldiers is the sort of thing Logan spent his youth stopping. If he walks away, he’ll lose the love of his life. But getting involved in the search may teach him he knows nothing about the man he married.

Status – complete, in editing

The Amethyst City

After losing his wife to illness, airship captain Royce Darrow longs to follow her to the grave. When his first mate and boatswain kidnap him to prevent him taking his life, Royce makes a deal with his crew: one last job, then he’s free to live or die as he sees fit. Except this job is personal: track down world-famous adventurer Kit Harding—the man he walked out on decades ago.

Royce follows a trail of theft and bodies across continents and over a desert where immense ancient statues stand watch, remnants of a lost civilisation. Along the way, he opens himself up to his crew and begins, at last, to heal. But when their airship is brought down in an eerie ship graveyard, Royce finds that his life and death are no longer in his hands.

He and his crew are taken as prisoners to the mythical Amethyst City. Worse still, the city is ruled by a cult hell-bent on raising a dead god responsible for the end of a civilization. Haunted by his dead wife’s voice and separated from his beloved crew, Royce must find Kit to stop the resurrection of a world-ending god if he wants to save his sanity, the people he loves, and the life he’s finally willing to preserve.

Status – complete and edited

Unsympathetic Magic

Bryn Tarn came to the great city of Neros seeking other people’s fortunes. After three years, she’s built up a reputation as a skilled thief, but not as much cold, hard coin as she hoped, and the debts are piling up. When she’s enlisted for a well-paid job with a notorious crime lord, Bryn’s prepared to swallow any unhelpful moral urges and take it.

Accompanied by her were-kitten best friend and an unlicensed wizard with a weak constitution, Bryn breaks into the home of Orlando DelRayn, a collector of magical items. All goes well until the item Bryn steals does something unexpected: it transforms into a confused and very naked man.

This leaves Bryn with a dilemma. The mob doesn’t take kindly to people betraying them. On the other hand, while she’s a self-admitted shady character with lax grip on personal morality, even Bryn feels reluctant to hand over an actual person. With the mob closing in on one side, and the powerful and enigmatic DelRayns on the other, Bryn needs to uncover exactly why this man is so important before kneecaps become an accessory. Especially as he ignites feelings in Bryn’s under-exercised heart.

Status – Complete, undergoing editing

The Falcon Queen

Lavie Streaver shook off her old identity as castle troublemaker when she started a rebellion to dethrone a usurper and restore the rightful heir. In the carnage of battle, she found her purpose as a knight. When the war ends with her enemy’s unexpected surrender, eighteen year old Lavie obtains a new role: Hero.

It should have been happily ever after. But while the kingdom is at peace, Lavie struggles. She panics in crowds, sleeps on the floor rather than a bed, and every day brings her closer to blowing up and drawing her sword on an innocent. The only person who understands her is Harry, but he has his own troubles. The new king’s love affair with Harry conflicts with his duties to the throne.

Lavie is caught between supporting the stability of the kingdom, and standing up for her closest friend.Lavie questions more and more of the king’s decisions. And like a scab she can’t stop picking, the Usurper haunts her thoughts. His surrender nags at her. When raiders attack the coast and assassins threaten the king, Lavie knows the battle isn’t over. But she must decide whether she’s fighting for the king, Harry, or her own place in the kingdom. If she picks the wrong cause to champion, she’ll lose all three.

Status – complete, needs a rewrite