At the beginning of April, I noticed a pitching event being mentioned on Twitter – #Nestpitch. I quite enjoy this sort of thing, so I thought I’d give the rules a quick look and see if it was one for me. The Moritician’s Boy met the criteria, so I sent of my details, grateful I’d just made the deadline and sat back to wait.

Nestpitch pairs up authors with a couple of helpers to read through all the entries and pick out a team of four or five entries to mentor over a couple of weeks until the agent phase. Sometimes the teams will ask for a little more than what was sent in during the entry phase to help them judge who to pick. I had requests from five teams, so I was fairly hopeful of making it through.

Then came the day of the team reveals. No email for me. Lots of people in the slush pile I’d been chatting with over the last week were celebrating, and I was happy for them, but at the same time, I felt crushed. Mentoring would incredibly useful and I thought I was in with a chance. Then, that afternoon, (if you’ve seen the post below you’ve probably guessed it) I got a response saying I’d been selected for team PlotBunnies. And there was much rejoicing.

The lovely Amanda Foody, my mentor, and other members of the team helped polish up my first chapter and synopsis, getting ready for the agent phase. At that point, participating agents had just 24 hours to read over the available pitches and leave treats (requests for pages) for us hopeful writers.

This is my pitch for The Mortician’s Boy:

How did I do? Final score: three requests, including a full! Given that was from a 35 word pitch and just 300 words, I’m over the moon. I’m really hopeful that lots of the other participants get picked up as there were some really good pitches out there.

I’m eternally grateful to Amanda and the lovely Nik Vukoja who organised the contest for all the support and a wonderful experience. Here’s hoping it leads to something…

If you’re interested in taking part next year, the Nestpitch blog is here: and Amanda’s page is here :