Getting Writing

When you’re on a roll and the words are flowing, it’s a wonderful experience. But sometimes you need a little push to get to that point. Here are some of the things I do to get me in the mood for writing:


My usual spot on the couch is for watching TV and poking the internet. If I try and write here, I find I don’t have much luck. I like to have a place that I associate with writing – the kitchen table currently, and sitting there automatically puts me in a better mind for what I need to do.


I drink vast quantities of coffee when I’m at work, but when writing I prefer to drink tea. Often a stronger green tea, like genmaicha or green arrow, or Russian caravan of late. The association of tea and writing, like location, helps me focus.


It’s easy to get distracted, so I tend to always write with music to block out the real world. The right choice can help get you in the mood for the sort of scene you are planning. I tend to listen to mostly instrumental pieces, to avoid the risk of singing along and forgetting the words I was trying to write. Film sound-tracks are often a great choice.

The Page:

If you are just starting out, one of the most demotivating things can be to find yourself staring at a blank page. I use a pre-formatted template, which is already set up with margins, headers, footers, chapter numbers and so on. Just having those little things on a page makes it seem much less formidable.