Wordle of my Current WIP

I haven’t posted in a while, apologies for that. I’ve been busy sending out queries for Happily Ever After. In ┬áthe mean time, (because I love these things), have a wordle of my current work in progress. It’s still a first draft, so you’ll have to forgive the large just in there. I’ll cull those little buggers in the edits!LSatSGwordle

Wordle of Happily Ever After

Someone pointed out that Wordle is a great way to look at your word usage in a visual manner and see if there any of the basic words like just or very that you are over-using. This is the result of my first draft of Happily Ever After (Can you guess the character names?)

HEA wordle

Bigger version here:

It looks like just is still an issue for me. Something to be aware of when I go back and edit.